Women looking for ways to improve their sexual life and increase their appetite for sex now have different options as many aphrodisiacs are already available. However, getting an effective and safe supplement can be a risk, especially because trying such medications can be harmful to health. A popular brand that is now out in the market is called Spanish Fly Pro. It is actually the new and improved version of the Spanish Fly Gold.

What is Spanish Fly Pro?

As the name implies, this aphrodisiac is developed from a substance that is present in Spanish flies. The substance is called cantharidin, which is present in insects that are part of the blister beetle family or Meloidae. Cantharidin is a type of irritant which when ingested can imitate engorgement that occurs along with sexual excitement during increase in blood flow. From the idea, the use of cantharidin from Spanish flies as a supplement to increase desire for sex was born, thus called Spanish Fly Pro.


How does it differ from Spanish Fly Gold?

Before the Spanish Fly Pro was introduced to consumers, the Spanish Fly Gold was actually the one in its place. Both provide the same effective result; however, the latter has many side effects of which many are fatal, especially when used for a long period of time. This is due to the fact that cantharidin has toxic properties which are as deadly as the strongest poisons known in the 19th century. Some of the negative health effects of using Spanish Fly Gold include reddening of the vagina, extremely hot feeling, abnormal bloody discharge and sometimes has blood, fever, restlessness, palpitations, painful swallowing, and more. Notable side effects caused by prolonged use are permanent damage on internal organs like the kidneys and ovary.

If the Spanish Fly Pro contains cantharidin, what makes it safe to use?

Research and studies were already conducted to improve the Spanish Fly Pro. Natural substances that could counter the negative effects of cantharidin were already added to the supplement in order to avoid unwanted health effects. To support this, the Spanish Fly Pro has been approved by the Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency in Europe as well as the Food and Drug Authority in the US.


What are the benefits of the Spanish Fly Pro?

Known benefits of using the Spanish Fly Pro include increased appetite for sex and improved sensation and arousal time. It can also promote multiple orgasms in women. On the other hand, it does not only benefit one’s sexual life but the overall health as well. The Spanish Fly Pro strengthens the immune system and encourages healthy blood flow.

Who can use the Spanish Fly Pro?

Many websites and write-ups feed people with wrong information – that the Spanish Fly Pro is only for women seeking to improve their sexual drive. However, the truth is that it is also for the use of men. It provides the same effect without the side effects. Furthermore, because the Spanish Fly Pro is safe and 100% natural, it can be used by anyone of any age.