New version: safer and stronger

A safer and stronger version of the original Spanish Fly was specially formulated by experts. This perfect blend of 100% herbs is called the new Spanish Fly Pro. These products are similar but different in a certain way because the new version produces absolutely no side effects. The new product is definitely safer and stronger. Both men and women can greatly benefit from this potent yet safe product.

Spanish fly is a 100% safe herbal liquid formula proven to boost a woman’s sexual appetite even during ancient times.



Goodbye to poor sexual appetite

Say goodbye to that rock bottom libido and say hello to that incredibly high sexual urge when you use the new Spanish Fly Pro. This special mixture of potent and safe natural ingredients can give you that sexual excitement you have always desired. A mind-blowing orgasm can come true the moment you try this new product.


5 potent drops

It only takes 5 drops of this liquid aphrodisiac to achieve the maximum effect of this new aphrodisiac. Mix it with any beverage like wine, juice, soda or even water without affecting the taste because it is odorless and tasteless. Within 5 minutes, you will immediately feel that intense sexual urge which will give you that incredible sex life and awesome orgasm that you’ve never imagined possible.

Safety and potency proven by FDA and MHRA

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in Europe and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in America can vouch for the safety and incredible effect of this product to libido. Research studies have proven its incredible effects on the sex life of both men and women. The overall sexual experience turns out be amazing with every use of this incredibly potent aphrodisiac, the new Spanish Fly Pro.